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Volume 4 												Issue 6
June                                                    1999

                     Red Cross & Ham Radio  
   The International Red Cross movement goes back to 1859 when 
Henri (Henry) Dunant a Swiss businessman stumbled across a 
battlefield during his travels in northern Italy. This 
battlefield was not an old battlefield, in fact it still had 
bodies laying about. Shocked to find thousands  of wounded and 
dying men with no one to tend to their needs Henri  jumped into 
action. Remember Henri a businessman had no medical training, 
yet he helped nonetheless including mobilizing the local 
population which saved numerous lives. When Henri returned to 
his home in Switzerland he put his experiences in a book called 
“ Memory of Solferino ”. In this book he also called for the 
formation of volunteer groups who would be given training in 
medical care and that they care for military personal no mater 
which side the combatants where on. Henri was also concerned 
with the safety of the volunteers, he recommended a neutral 
and universal symbol be used so that all nations would know 
and hopefully respect so the volunteers could conduct their 
life saving duties in safety. Four years later (1863)   the 
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) was formed. 
The committee selected to use the inverse of the Swiss flag 
for their universal symbol which we all know today as a red 
cross on a white background. The American Red Cross was formed 
in 1881 after an American nurse returning from Franco-Prussian 
War lobbied Congress to seek membership in the ICRC. Clara 
Barton had seen first hand how many lives where saved. When 
Clara lobbed Congress she also had expanded the role of the 
American Red Cross to include aid to victims of disasters. 
The first chapter of the Red Cross was founded in Danville 
N.Y. which almost immediately sent it's volunteers to help 
with Michigan forest fires and some central/Midwest floods. 
The American Red Cross and Amateur Radio Community have been 
intertwined for decades. The earliest documentation I came 
across was in 1928, but I imagine it goes back even farther. 
Back to the spark gap days, as soon as they saw a guy with a 
battery, vacuum tube, a keyer, and a piece of wire in the 
trees was more efficient than a guy on horseback telling 
someone we need this drug or piece of equipment to help 
victims. “ No handi-talkie in those days ” The first official 
association with the Red Cross and Ham Radio came in 1940 
when the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) and the American 
Red Cross entered into “ cooperative statement of understanding 
”. The statement has been updated in both 1964 and 1974. But 
wait I am getting ahead of myself. Using the FCC part 97  The 
Amateur Radio's primary responsibility is the performance of 
public service communications particularly in times of 
emergency when normal forms of communication may not be 
available. The ARRL  in 1935 with the previous statement in 
mine organized the Amateur Radio Emergency Corps. Today we  
know it as the  “ Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) 
”. In 1949 the ARRL add the National Traffic System (NTS). 
These two groups makeup the backbone of the ARRL's cooperation 
with the Red Cross. There is not room to show the statement 
of understanding between the ARRL and the Red Cross, but it 
consists of a Forward with 7 categories. The Northeast 
Georgia Chapter of the American Red Cross serves the following 
counties: Fannin, Gilmer, Pickens, Cherokee, Union, Lumpkin, 
Dawson, Forsyth, Towns, White, Hall, Rabun, Habersham, 
Stephens. Ten Hall county citizens started the Gainesville 
chapter April of 1917. A year later it had added 446 more 
volunteers and several more cities and counties. This is the 
same chapter that worked with FEMA & GEMA ( 2 of the government 
agencies the Red Cross works closely with ) in last March's 
deadly tornadoes that hit Hall and White Counties. Our Disaster 
Action Team ( DAT ) Co-Captains in Gilmer County are Gene 
Crawford, Ph (706) 276-2726 and Sanford Lyons, Ph (706) 
635-1931. Please call either of them if you are interested 
in joining the team. You can also call Judy Howe at the 
Chapter main office (if you live outside Gilmer County use 
this number) 1-800-282-1722 ext. 19 .
                        BACKYARD NEWS
    It's Friday May 28 in the early morning hour  and Sam K4SWU 
is “riding in with” or talking with the usual crowd going in to 
work using the KC4ZGN repeater. Sometime later that morning the 
repeater's 2 meter input quit working, however it was still 
giving it's ID on 2 meters and 440 side still worked. I tried 
the repeater around 10 am and gave Sam a land-line he said that 
it worked fine earlier but about 8:30 or 9 quit.  It's Monday 
May 31 and Al KE4ILH calls me and reports Fannin 911 (EMA) has 
a group over due and missing in the Cohutta Wilderness. Al and 
I start calling others and get them to monitor the Morganton 
repeater. And just as we where fixing to head out the call 
came in to tell us they had been found. The local repeater is 
back working but still takes an occasional fit. ( I don't know 
if Dennis cleaned it again, kicked it, or cussed it but it is 
going). Along comes Wednesday and I injure my back and right 
hip. (don't ask me how I still haven't figured it out!) Anyhow 
this newsletter is going to be late getting out and may have 
to combine it with July. Field Day is almost here and hope to 
have pictures for the August newsletter! If it seems Field Day 
came up fast then our next club event will probably do the same, 
so don't forget the EARS Hamfest in August! Changes in the 
newsletter may/will include dropping the Skywarn class schedule, 
reason is they don't have many classes from mid-summer to 
mid-winter when they gear up for a new season! If they have 
any I’ll drop a note in some where. Update: My injury is better 
but almost made the July newsletter become August. The June & 
July newsletter will be sent together!
                        HAM OF THE MONTH
   Ham of the month is Jim Tarpley WD4RNP a long time member of 
the club. Jim and his wife Judy KF4AWX recently move to Rocky 
Face, GA. and you might have thought that you would see and hear 

less of him even though he still works in Ellijay. Well you would 
be dead wrong, in fact I think his support for the club  and 
attendance at meeting are up. Even with our weakened repeater he 
still makes an effort to QSL our Monday night net (mobile or 
base). We're sure glad to have members like Jim and Judy!

                         THE WAVELENGTH
Executive Editor: 
David A. Barlitt KF4AWU
Hugh Beam, W4HFB
Ellijay Amateur Radio Society, Inc.
Jack Bramblett K4IVC
Reed Krenn WW3A
David A. Barlitt KF4AWU

6/7/99 at 9:30 a.m. - Basic Class Spalding County Spalding County 
Fire Dept. 600 Carver Rd. P.O.C. Kenny West (770) 228-2129
6/8/99 7:00 p.m. - Advanced Class Gwinnett County Gwinnett Medical 
Center Lawrenceville, GA P.O.C. Lowry Rouse (770.972.7248)
6/14/99 at 9:30 a.m. - Advanced Class Spalding County fire Dept. 
P.O.C. Kenny West (770) 228-2129
6/24/99 at 7:00 p.m. Basic Class Laurens County Location - 
TBA Dublin, GA
6/23/99 at 1:00 p.m. - Basic Class Fulton County SciTrek Museum 
395 Atlanta, GA (770) 997-7145 or
April check-ins total is 42: 
net control for:
4/12/99 - Reed WW3A 11 check-ins
4/19/99 - Reed WW3A 13 check-ins
4/26/99 - Reed WW3A 18 check-ins
All counts both weekly and end of month totals include the 
Net Control Station!
        This Month's Birthdays/Anniversaries & Ham Fests
This June Birthdays are:
This June Anniversaries  are:
If your birthday or anniversary is not on the list,. it is
because I have no record of it!   

Swap Shop list it here ! 
FS: Yaesu FT-50 R with 5 batteries drop in charger. 
All for $300                    Wayne W4YNE

HAM Fests:      
June 5-6 Atlanta Hamfest & Computer Fair
Jim Miller Park, Marietta, GA
June 11-12:  Albany, GA 912 438-9714;
June 12 Classic Hamfest 
Winston-Salem NC 
June 26-27 – Field Day

                        VE Corner       
   April had 3 applicants  - two of the three applicants passed 
Codeless techs. Also note Danny Head W4RDH our chief examiner  
also came from Murphy, N.C.     The VEC session (Ham Tests) are 
first  Saturday of each month at 1:00 PM (except December) in the 
conference  room of library.

Ellijay Amateur Radio Society, Inc.
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50 Jones Road
Ellijay, Georgia
Phone: 706-273-3559
Fax: 706-635-3559

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