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Volume 4 Issue 5
May 1999

                          Field Day 
        Field Day has been an annual event sponsored by the 
American Radio Relay League (ARRL) since 1933 ( Field Day was 
not conducted during World War II for security reasons).
        Each year for a 24 hour period during the forth full 
weekend in June amateur radio operators throughout the United 
States and Canada try to make as many contacts as possible by 
radio with other amateur radio operators. Operations during 
Field Day are intended to simulate operating conditions that 
would exist in an emergency situation; stations are set up in 
temporary locations and operated using gas, diesel, hydro or 
wind generators and/or battery or solar power. The power must 
not come from the normal power grid.
        As stated above Field Day is to simulate emergency 
conditions, so it is important that we not create an emergency. 
So here is a few safety tips. Keep a multipurpose fire 
extinguisher near the generator. Never fuel a running generator. 
Never smoke around a generator while fueling . Store the fuel 
away from the generator. Make sure the exhaust fumes from 
generator can not build up near staging or sleeping areas. Make 
sure power cords are in good condition and that connectors are 
not where they could short out if it rains. Antennas and power 
lines don't mix neither does alcohol and antenna climbers. Have 
a good supply of drinking water on hand. Make sure the water is 
easily accessible with plenty of cups. During 1997 EARS Field Day 
our then club President had a heat stroke brought on by 
dehydration, so drink plenty of liquids we don't want a repeat of 
this incident. Watch out for storms, have a place to go if your 
area is not secure. Remember to think safety first and Field Day 
will be more enjoyable for all! 
        The second thing to make Field Day more enjoyable is pre 
planning the setup and operation. This years location is the same 
location at the Gilmer County High School as the last two years. 
Having the same location helps but here's a few setup tip anyway. 
Deciding what should go where, and in what order. Make sure you 
have the essential creature comforts, such as toilet paper, flash 
lights/batteries, bug spray, first aid kit. Don't forget to put 
the water and cups out! Make sure you keep the logs/dupe sheet up 
to date, with out it all the contacts in the world mean nothing. 
Try to listen around on the bands the week before. This could 
give you a good idea of what to expect in the way of propagation 
during Field Day. Don't neglect the bonus points satellite, 
packet traffic, handling a message origination and relay, copy 
the W1AW bulletin. Give everyone something to do. Newer hams can 
do 2-meter talk-ins, or help setup a Novice/Tech station, or help 
assemble antennas. The more the merrier. This is also a great 
chance to give some of your newer hams some practical experience. 
        For the first time, the ARRL is making available annual 
Field Day pins to show your participation in the 1999 event. No 
minimum number of contacts to make, no score levels to achieve: 
just PARTICIPATE in the most popular annual operating event in 
the US and Canada. The cost is $5 each. These are sure to be 
collectors item so add to you collection of hats, patches, and 
QSL cards.      
        Show your Field Day spirit by displaying the very 
first Field Day participation pin. To qualify you must be a 
amateur radio operator and help with the planning, setup, 
operation, or clean up of the 1999 EARS field day contest :-)

                        BACKYARD NEWS
        Several EARS members where ready to go help in the search 
of a missing child April 4, 1999 in Fannin County along the 
Toccoa River. A remote base camp was set up at the Rock Creek 
Café on Hwy. 60. I called John Mullinix KF4SKT at the Fannin 
County E911 to obtain the details. I then contacted Sam K4SWU to 
help with the calling tree and called upon some members myself. 
Just as I was getting in the car I heard that the child was found 
As soon as I heard the child was found we went back to  the 
calling tree to tell them the good news and to stop anybody from 
making the trip up. I received a note of appreciation from John 
KF4SKT thanking us for the effort and I would like to pass that 
on to all that where prepared to go.
        The Repeater is back! The Repeater is back! Thanks goes 
out to Dennis KA4VHP for getting the repeater back online. It 
seems a thorough cleaning of the duplexors did the trick. But 
they may need it again. 
        Dennis also has a new 440 repeater going in Ellijay. Freq 
is 443.475. Pete N4KHQ got his new 95' tower put up on Brisky 
Mountain (3246'). The first 50 foot went up Friday April 2nd with 
Pete N4KHQ and Brian KF4CUS doing the climbing with Bob K4SZ and 
Myself KF4AWU making up the ground crew. The last 45'  went up 
Saturday without my help. Sunday Roger A Willey's KC4JNN put his 
443.250 and the 53.05 (linked) repeaters up, which have had about 
an 18 to 24 month hiatus. Pete got the 146.835+ machine up on the 
tower the following Wednesday and worked on the repeater the next 
2 days.  
        Next regular meeting is Monday, May 3 at 7:00 PM in the 
Library conference room.  The program will include one guest Pat 
(Maurice Haynes) K4BEH who has given programs in 1997 and 1998. 
Also our own Reed Krenn WW3A. The program subject will be on 
Field Day. 

                        HAM OF THE MONTH
        Ham of the month is Albert Norris KE4ILH. I don't have 
any log books to prove it, but he  hardly ever misses a Monday 
night net check in. He may in fact hold the record (although 
there is  3 or 4 in the hunt with him). He always making sure 
things are calm in the Cartecay section of Gilmer County. As the 
new chair of the program committee he is off to a good start. 
Well done Al!

                         THE WAVELENGTH
Executive Editor: 
David A. Barlitt KF4AWU
Hugh Beam W4HFB
Ellijay Amateur Radio Society, Inc.
Jack Bramblett K4IVC
Reed Krenn WW3A
David A. Barlitt KF4AWU

 5/13/99 7:00 p.m. - Advanced Class 
Walker County, Constitution Hall
P.O.C. Rufus Mullix (706) 638-0210 
5/20/99 7:00 p.m. - Advanced Class
Houston County Location T.B.A.
P.O.C. David Shiplett (912) 953-6356
5/25/99 630 p.m. - Advanced Class
Fayette County J.C. Booth Middle School
Peachtree City, GA P.O.C. Robert Burton 
(770) 719-9540 

March check-ins total is 23: 
net control for:
03/08/99 was Steve KE4GBR  had 3.
03/15/99 was Steve KE4GBR  had 9
03/22/99 was Marsha KG4AHV had 2
03/29/99  was Sam K4SWU had 9
Please note low count mainly due to repeater malfunction. 

        This Month's Birthdays/Anniversaries & Ham Fests
This May Birthdays are:

This Month's Anniversaries  are:                  
Jim & Judy Tarpley WD4RNP/KF4AWX
If your birthday or anniversary is not on the list,. it is 
because I have no record of it!   

Swap Shop list it here ! 
Wanted: Shure 404C Mobile Mike Hugh W4HFB

HAM Fests:      
May 1x Bankhead ARC, Moulton, AL
May 1+ Salkehatchie ARS, Windsor, SC
May 1+ Nashville ARC, Nashville, TN
May 8+ Blue Ridge ARS, Anderson, SC
May 14-16+ Dayton ARA, Dayton, OH
May 15+ Statesboro ARS, Statesboro, GA
May 15x East Carolina ARC, Greenville, NC
May 15+ Clarksville ATS, Clarksville, TN
May 29x Durham FM Association, Durham, NC

                        VE Corner       
        April had 3 applicants  - two of the three applicants 
passed missing only one out of 65 questions for Codeless techs. 
        Debbie Freeman came from Tellico Plains, TN.
Warren Williams came from Murphy, N.C.  
The third will have to try again came from Ducktown, TN. 
        Also note Danny Head W4RDH our chief examiner  also came 
from Murphy, N.C. 
        The VE team gave a test at Truett-McConnell Collage March 
22. Approximately 15 took the test, 4 passed. 
        The VEC session (Ham Tests) are first  Saturday of each 
month at 1:00 PM (except December) in the conference  room of 

Ellijay Amateur Radio Society, Inc.
C/O David Barlitt
50 Jones Road
Ellijay, Georgia
Phone: 706-273-3559
Fax: 706-635-3559

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