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Volume 4 Issue 3/4
March/April 1999

                      The FCC Crack Down 
	Who is Hollingsworth? He is the FCC's top Amateur Radio
enforcer, Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH. He has been on the job for
about six months now and he says he's pleased with the progress
he's made and the support he's received from the amateur
community."I though it would take a year or two years to be at
this point," he told  ARRL staff members	March 17 during a
visit to ARRL Headquarters. "We've had some very good enforcement
luck." Amateur Radio enforcement has been "one of the few
victories the Commission has been having these days,"
Hollingsworth said, and he doesn't expect the impending FCC
restructuring--including creation of a new Enforcement
Bureau--to affect its course or	momentum. At the same time,
Hollingsworth expressed some concern that his efforts not be
perceived as the FCC "gone crazy" on Amateur Radio enforcement.
"I don't want people saying, 'This is too much government,'" he
said. Hollingsworth said that enthusiasm for amateur enforcement
has even spread to FCC field personnel, some of whom are hams
and who now ask to be included in amateur cases. He pointed to a
recent case of interference to a Pennsylvania repeater system
that came out of an investigation at the field-office level.
Calling Amateur Radio "a great natural resource," Hollingsworth
said he felt privileged to be in his current enforcement role and
was enjoying his work immensely. At this stage in the FCC's
latest enforcement initiative, Hollingsworth says he's still
making up for the FCC's "long period of neglect" of amateur
enforcement. But he said he also looks forward to the day when
he's no longer needed. He also said he can appreciate the
frustrations of the Amateur Auxiliary during the years of  FCC
enforcement neglect and he welcomes their  cooperation in the
	Hollingsworth’s plans for the near future are to turn  his
attention to such problems as the incursion of unlicensed
operators on 10 meters--the so-called "freebanders" who	often
stray onto amateur frequencies--as well as the improper
marketing of equipment to unlicensed individuals and examination
fraud cases. He also plans to add some casual monitoring
capabilities at his Gettysburg office. "If they know that we're
out there bandsurfing, it will help," he said. Hollingsworth
started his FCC enforcement by dropped in on a few QSO's on the
75 meter band to try to get	the message across. In my opinion
this band needs some cleaning, I have to check my dial to see
whether I am listening to 11 meters or 75 meters! To give you a
better Idea what the FCC is doing , here is some of their latest
	The FCC is investigating information indicating that
Technician licensee Leonard Martin, KC5WHN, of Houston, Texas,
operated outside of the amateur bands without a proper license.
Field Office personnel in Houston reportedly monitored Martin
and located him using direction-finding equipment  on two
occasions. On February 27, he was said to be operating on 27.535
MHz and 545 MHz. On March 15, he was said to be operating on
27.370 MHz, a frequency between CB channels. FCC personnel,
accompanied by local police, visited Martin on March 15, but he
allegedly refused a request to inspect his station. The FCC's
Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, says he has spoken with Martin, and
the case is under review. "This subjects him to a large fine for
unlicensed operation and refusal to allow an inspection, plus
loss of his license," Hollingsworth said. The FCC warned Martin
in writing last November 3 about operation on frequencies other
than those authorized under his Amateur Radio license. "While
these warning letters are a courtesy, we don't forget who we
sent them to and it is a serious mistake not to take them to
heart," Hollingsworth commented. 

 	I may bring you some more FCC cases in later issues of the
WAVELENGTH. Look for them under the heading of  the EARS X-Files.

                        BACKYARD NEWS
 	I guess by now everyone knows that the ice storm up on Burnt
Mt. destroyed all of the ant towers up there including Pete's
(the 146.835 machine).  He has put up a temporary just a few feet
away that's about 30 feet tall for all to use  until a more
permanent one can be erected. 
	On a sadder note, I’m sure you know of the passing (silent
key)  of  King Hussein of Jordan. Do any of you have a QSL of

King Hussein in your  collection?
	On a personal note I want to apologize for not getting last
month’s newsletter out. Between me getting overloaded with work
and renting my computers out it was not possible to get one out.
And this newsletter just made it seeing my fast computer’s power
supply blew.
	On the local front, the repeater has been down several times
this month. Some of the problems have been fixed but a major
component, the duplexors are bad. These duplexors are expensive. 
	On March 25,1999 a special meeting was held to discuss the
situation with the repeater. Jack K4IVC. Appointed a committee
comprised of Jim WD4RNP (chair), Reed WW3A, Hugh W4HFB, to look
into all possible options dealing with the repeater.  If you
have any ideas please get in touch with one of the committee
	Next regular meeting is Monday, April 5 at 7:00 PM in the
Library conference room.  The program will include two guest 
speakers  Nelson (Sandy) Donahue W4RU will present “The Gospel
According to ARRL” and Bob Lear K4SZ is a affiliated club

                        HAM OF THE MONTH
 	Ham of the month is Sam W. Underhill. You all know him as Sam
 WB4FXK, but you will have to learn  his new vanity call sign
 K4SWU.   He is one of the club’s charter members and one of the
 most supportive. His work and dedication to the club should
 inspire us all. Sam it seems is always helping on some
 committee or lining up the site for the Hamfest. And if there
 is urgent club business then you probably got a phone call
 from Sam. Thanks Sam we appreciate you!

                         THE WAVELENGTH
Executive Editor: 
David A. Barlitt KF4AWU
Dot Beam K4PPS,
Ellijay Amateur Radio Society, Inc.
Jack Bramblett K4IVC
Reed Krenn WW3A
David A. Barlitt KF4AWU

	Advanced Class meet February 10 at 6:30 PM. at Cherokee
County  Sequoyah Regional Library 116 Brown Industrial Pkwy.
Canton, GA. In attendance was a large crowd from Cherokee county
and our own Vice-President Reed Krenn WW3A along with Hugh & Dot
W4HFB/K4PPS, Al KE4ILH, and David KF4AWU. Mr.  Barry  Gooden
of the National Weather Service was the main instructor.

	February check-ins total is 36, net control was Jim WD4RNP.
February 8 sub-total 16, February 15 sub-total 11, February 22
sub-total 9. All totals include net control. At press time March
check-in where not available at press time, but count will be
lower do to repeater down time (see backyard news). 

        This Month's Birthdays/Anniversaries & Ham Fests
This March/April Birthdays are:
March	7		Reed Krenn 
April		9		Sam Underhill
April	   20		Steve Rodgers
This Month’s Anniversaries  are:
If your birthday or anniversary is not on the list,. it is
because I have no record of it!   
Swap Shop list it here ! 

HAM Fests:	
April 10+ Catawba Valley Hamfest & Computer Fair, Morganton, NC
April 11+ Raleigh ARS, Raleigh, NC
April 17+ Marshall County ARC, Albertville, AL
April 17 + Rhea County ARS, Dayton, TN
April 23-24 + Gainesville ARS, Gainesville, FL
April 24+ Cherokee Capital ARS, Calhoun, GA
May 1x Bankhead ARC, Moulton, AL

                        VE Corner       
	We have a great VE team!! Our VE's always come whenever they
are asked, even at (I'm sure) the inconvenience of other planned
activities. Special kudos to Danny, W4RDH. Although he has to
come from Murphy, N.C., he has never failed to make any session!

	In February, we tested five and had four pass
( 3 Technician, 1 Advanced).

Cliff Freeman       Tellico Plains, TN. 
became an Advanced Class
William Heaton      Morganton, GA.    
became a Technician
Linda Livesay      Jasper, GA                 
became a Technician
William Cochran   Alpharetta            
became a Technician

	In March,  we tested three and had one pass  (Technician).

Jimmy Gray          Maryville, TN       
became a Technician

	The VE team will give test at Truett-McConnell Collage. The
VEC session (Ham Tests) are first  Saturday of each month at
1:00 PM (except December) in the conference  room of library.

Ellijay Amateur Radio Society, Inc.
C/O David Barlitt
50 Jones Road
Ellijay, Georgia
Phone: 706-273-3559
Fax: 706-635-3559
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