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Volume 3 Issue 12
DECEMBER                                             	   1998
                          OLD BUSINESS: 
	I am writing this with mixed emotions. I have really
enjoyed being the club secretary for the past two years, and
appreciate all the help and support you have given me. This is
one of the best groups of people that I have ever worked with.
I am looking forward to next year and our new officers.
	We were glad to see our newest ham at the club meeting.
Bradley Johnson is now KG4AHV. He is the son of Johnny, KE4IVU
and Pat, KE4LLI.It is good to see these young people interested
in ham radio, and we have enjoyed hearing him get on the air. He
does a better job than I did when I first got on!!!! If you hear
a familiar voice, but a different call, it is Wayne. He is now
W4YNE. There was a discussion on the door prizes for the December
meeting. It was decided that we would spend a total of
approximately $90.00 for three (3) door prizes, getting them as
close to $30.00 each as we can. The responsibility of getting
them has been passed along to Jack, K4IVC.It was passed with a
unanimous vote that if there is a tie in the membership contest
we put the names of the contestants in a hat and draw for the
winner. Wayne has completed a form for the net showing who has
called in each week.At the end of this next year we will see who
has called in the most times. What he plans to do with this list
he did not say, but I think it is a very good idea. My problem
is remembering the right night and time. We have a habit around
here of thinking of it about 9:00. (sometimes on Monday!!!!)The
repeater has been worked on and is back on the air sounding
good. Dennis may still have some work to do, but we really
appreciate him helping us out. It about the RF exposure rule,
you missed a good demonstration of how strongly they feel!!!
Reed, WW3A gave a very good demonstration of the monitor
($1100 with discount) he is required to wear while working on
the job site. He also mentioned the guys who climb the towers 
have to wear a protective suit. Of course, the company pay for
this. (Who is the company ultimately---increased rates, etc.).
Oh,for the days of a less complex society!!!  

                        NEW BUSINESS:
	The most important matter is the correspondence to the
FCC that we encouraged in the last newsletter. Since that time I
have heard from Rep. Michael Bilirakis, who originated Bill H.R.
3572. Rep. Nathan Deal is a cosponsor of this bill, it will help
if we contact him again, especially if you are a registered voter!
He has helped us with some personal matters in the past, and we
have found him to be very cooperative. H.R. 3572 was not acted
upon during the 105th Congress, but Mr. Bilirakis plans to
reintroduce this when Congress reconvenes in January. The FCC
deadline is December 1st, but our congressman does not have a
deadline! If you do not have their addresses, I still have them
on file,so just give me a call. Reed has sent some of us e-mail,
and Jim, WD4RNP, sent us a copy of the FCC changes in enforcement.
Thanks to both of you. The FCC has also shifted the Amateur Radio
enforcement from the Wireless Bureau to the Compliance and
Information Bureau. If problems we hear on the amateur bands 
cannot be resolved on the local level, and the FCC needs to be
involved their address is: 
Compliance and Information Bureau Attention:
Amateur Complaints 1919 M. Street Mail Stop 1500E1
Washington, D.C. 20554
The FCC has instituted an Amateur Enforcement Line:
202 418 1184.
It will be good to have the air ways cleaned up so that we can
invite the family in to share our interest without embarrassment,
but it is obviously up to us as amateurs to do it.
BEWARE:It seems there is a telephone scam that originated in the
prison system. Someone calls and tells you they are testing the
telephone lines and asks that you hit 90# so that they can
complete this test. They may represent themselves as an AT & T
representative. If you comply with their wishes it will open your
line so that they can make long distance calls from your phone.
This has been verified with several of the long distance
companies( MCI, AT & T, Canada Bell, Bell South) to name a few.
This information will be good to pass along to family members,
especially children that like the opportunity to push buttons on
the phone. Hugh has sent this information to the e-mail addresses
he has. Our son (with Nortel) says some of their technicians have
been caught with this scam, so just be on your toes. Reed has
also done some research on this and found that it was commercial
lines that were being contacted, but we still need to be careful.
There has been a slight change in the price of our Christmas
party menu, but hopefully no one will have a problem with it. The 
new price is $9.66 rather than $9.45.      

                        HAM OF THE MONTH
	 DANNY HEAD, AF4IR This month we are proud to have
Danny, AF4IR, as our ham of the month.He is a very faithful
member of the club and VE team. He was first licensed in 1997 as
KF4PUC, and came to us via the exams each month. We were
privileged to see him come up through the ranks, and as soon as
he passed the Extra Class test he became a member of the team
and joined EARS. Danny and his wife live in Murphy, N. C., so he
comes a lot farther than most of us. We do not know a lot about
Danny and his personal life. Each time I have tried to contact
his wife to snoop he has answered the phone. We see him at a lot
of ham fests with his son, but if he has other children, well,
we will just have to ask him!!!He is a very quiet individual
(unusual for a ham), but is always willing to help in any capacity
that he is asked. Danny,we do appreciate all you do for the club
and the VE team!      

                         THE WAVELENGTH
Executive Editor: 
Dot Beam K4PPS

Ellijay Amateur Radio Society, Inc.
Jack Bramblett K4IVC
Reed Krenn WW3A
Dot Beam K4PPS

	Our Birthday wishes this month go to: Al, W4PBW, Bama,
WB4QZK, and Stella, N8QJR. We hope you have a great day and many
more. If I missed your birthday this past year it is because I do
not have it on file. Let me take this time to wish you a HAPPY
BIRTHDAY regardless of what month it is.

                        VE Corner       
	We had one of our more successful sessions this past
time, with five applicants out of six either getting new licenses,
upgrading,or passing an element. We are always pleased when we
have such success. Since the library will be unavailable in
December, we come to the close of a very successful year. We
averaged better than 5every time---in Ellijay where it was
supposed to be too small to have an exam every month. Frankly,
I think that having it every month is why we do have as good a
turnout as we do. Hams, or would-be-hams know we give exams
every month,and they don't mind traveling quite some distance to 
take their exam when they are ready, as opposed to waiting for a
quarterly exam to be given. We could not have done it without
other volunteers sacrificing their time and giving their
expertise in helping make us the best (my opinion) team going.
Thanks, gang--I know I can always 
 count on you to help in a professional manner whenever I ask.
See you at the Christmas Party on December 12th at 5:00 P.M. 

Ellijay Amateur Radio Society, Inc.
C/O David Barlitt
50 Jones Road
Ellijay, Georgia
Phone: 706-273-3559
Fax: 706-635-3559
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