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Volume 3 Issue 11
NOVEMBER                                             	   1998
                          OLD BUSINESS: 
        We enjoyed the meeting on Monday, October 5th, but wish
we could have had more in attendance. Since we are having trouble
keeping the flower fund operable there was a unanimous vote to
send cards in the future rather than flowers. However, this will
still take some money, so we still need to keep sending our
donations to Pat, KE4LLI. She is gracious enough to do this for
us, and we need to support her efforts. The purpose in having
the flower fund is to keep from depleting the regular bank
account. Most of our discussion was on the new proposals by the
FCC and ARRL. The committee agreed that the new entry level for
the code requirements start at 10 wpm on the General Class
License, 15 wpm for Advanced Class and 20 wpm for the Extra.
This also passed with a majority vote at the club meeting. We
are all asked to write to the FCC to express our opinion. They
have requested input from all that are interested by e mail. The
addresses I have are: 98183.txt
ARRL web site:
Also the addresses of our Georgia constituents are:
Sen. Max Cleland463 Dirksen Senate Office Bldg.
Washington, D.C. 20510Phone: 202-224-3521,
Ga.: 404-331-4811   FAX: 202-224-0072
E-mail: senator_max_cleland@cleland.senate.govSen.
Paul CoverdellU.S. Senate Washington, D. C. 20510-1004
Phone: 202-224-3643,   Ga.: 404-264-1998   FAX: 202-228-3783
U.S. Representative Nathan Deal1406 Longworth House
Washington, D. C. 20515 Phone: 202-225-5211,
Ga.: 706-226-5320 (Dalton),770-535-2592 (Gainesville)
FAX: 202-225-8272   E-mail: N/A
There is also a Representative in Florida that is working very
hard in the hams behalf, and it would be good if we wrote to him.
He is on the Commerce and Veterans Affairs committees, but I
read an article in the Asheville paper sometime back on his
interest in the amateur frequencies and related matters in our
behalf. He is: Rep. Michael Bilirakis Capitol Hill Office 2369
RHOB Washington, D. C. 20515
Phone: 202-225-5755  FAX: 202-225-4085
Please take a few minutes of your time and write to these people.
It will only take one letter with a few changes, so it is not
too time consuming, and it could make the difference in our

                        NEW BUSINESS:
        Congratulations to Marsha, KG4AHV, who is now a
Technician, and is on the air. It has been a pleasure giving her
the test and we are looking forward to seeing her upgrade. Keep
up the good work, Marsha!!Sam announced at the meeting the
nominating committee has accepted Jack, K4IVC and Reed, WW3A as
President and Vice President respectively again for 1999. David,
KF4AWU has accepted Secretary-Treasurer. It will be necessary
to vote on these three candidates at the December meeting. The
December meeting will be held at our annual Christmas Dinner. Al,
W4PBW, has made reservations at the Jasper Family Steak House
65 Cove Road in Jasper. This is the same place we had it last
year, and the food is very good. We will meet at 5:00 P.M.
Saturday, December 12. The price will be $9.45 each, which
includes the salad bar, hot bar, and soup and dessert bars.
Please let Al know how many will come with you so he can let
them know in time to set up a separate room for us. You may
bring spouse, girl/boy friend or whoever with you. We are
really looking forward to this, and appreciate Al setting it
up for us. He and Mary did a super job last year. (That is
what happens when you do a good job. You are asked for a
repeat performance). 

                        HAM OF THE MONTH
        STEVE RODGERS, KE4GBR This month it is a pleasure to
honor Steve, KE4GBR, as our ham of the month. Steve holds a
Technician license and has been a member of the club for a couple
of years. He has been instrumental in getting his wife, Marsha,
interested in the hobby and being a member of EARS. In fact, she
was licensed just last month and is still studying for an
upgrade. He was a big help during Field Day this year, supplying
our generator, spending several hours operating, and was there
for any duty which he could help with.  Steve and Marsha will
celebrate their first wedding anniversary in January. He has one
daughter 14 years old by a previous marriage. He is a heavy
equipment operator for Dave Crowe, and they have a small general
store on John Call Road in Talking Rock. Thank you, Steve, for
all you have done for the club.

                         THE WAVELENGTH
Executive Editor: 
Dot Beam K4PPS

Ellijay Amateur Radio Society, Inc.
Jack Bramblett K4IVC
Reed Krenn WW3A
Dot Beam K4PPS

	This month we want to wish Linda, N4RJO, Pat, KE4LLI, and
Jim, WD4RNP, a very happy Birthday, and may you have many,
many more.

                        VE Corner       
        Our licensing group held their regular session at the
library on Oct. 3. We had five attendees present, with one
becoming a new ham and two upgrading. The new ham was our own
Marsha Rodgers, earning the call KG4AHV. Congratulations,
Marsha!!! Danny Head, AF4IR, helped with testing and
certification. Danny is one of several who can be counted on to
help when called upon.Thanks, Danny---without you and the others
that so freely give up their time to help with the testing, our
participation in the program would be impossible!! 73's for
now,Dot, K4PPS

Ellijay Amateur Radio Society, Inc.
C/O David Barlitt
50 Jones Road
Ellijay, Georgia
Phone: 706-273-3559
Fax: 706-635-3559
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