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Volume 3 Issue 1
JANUARY                                             	   1998
                          OLD BUSINESS: 
	While this doesn't qualify as "old business" in the
strictest significance of the word, since it was our meeting for
the past month, it is old business in another sense.Our dinner
party/meeting at the Jasper Steak House was a great success!!!
These achievements don't just happen---they have to have a lot
of planning and groundwork behind the scenes (we know because we
have done it before). We owe our gratitude to Al, W4PBW, and his
lovely and gracious wife, Mary, who we met for the first time. We
have never been made to feel so welcome as when we came in the
door. Al acted as doorman, greeted us, and then turned us over
to Mary, who escorted us to our private room, and seated us. We
then had our coffee, and excellent food then followed. If you
weren't there, you really missed a treat!!!Door prizes were
excellent! Four (count 'em) great prizes were given--Bama, WB4QZK,
won an operating manual--(how fitting)--Sam, WB4FXK, won a solid
state design manual, and Reed, WW3A, won an antenna manual. The
grand prize, a handbook, was won by Hugh, W4HFB. He said from the
beginning he was going to win it, and he did!!!
	The membership drive for the past year is now over, and Sam
was the winner!! He was given a choice of a subscription for a
year with Electric Radio or a thirty dollar dinner certificate
for two. He said since he was not familiar with ER, so he would
take the certificate. Congratulations, Sam, on a job well done!A
short business meeting was held after these awards, and we
elected a new president (Jack, K4IVU) a new vice president
(Reed), and an old secretary-treasurer (yours truly). On a
serious note, we appreciate your confidence in us as a returning
member of the team, and will do our best to merit your trust.

                        NEW BUSINESS:
	Jim, WD4RNP, had an extra copy of World Radio, and gave it
to us. We read it from "kiver to kiver", and there were several
very good articles in it--two on cw were very good, but the one
on public relations was simply outstanding!!! It should be
required reading for every ham, and as far as we are concerned,
EARS should definitely have such. Watch out for a motion for a
nomination in the upcoming meeting!!! While this isn't an
endorsement for WR, we are sending them our money for a
subscription since we won't give the league any more until
they change their policies! Dues are payable now---if you
cannot get to the next meeting, you may mail them to us at 381
Sugar Ridge Dr. in Ellijay, 30540. Unless we have them before
the printing of the next newsletter, you will not be getting
another copy. You wouldn't want that to happen, surely, so
please either bring or send ten bucks for each member of your
family you want to join our illustrious group! Also, please let
us know your birthday for updating our records.       

                        HAM OF THE MONTH
	BAMA ROWAN, WB4QZK What a way to start a new year!!! Truly,
one of our most beloved and most popular (and most ribbed) hams
is our old friend, Bama. He holds a General class license, and
is J.J.'s  OM.Bama lives in one of Ellijay's prettiest areas,
Talona Mountain, is a Christian, and belongs to the Grace
Baptist Church here in Ellijay. He is a regular on many nets,
both on hf and vhf.He can not only take it, but is very capable
of dishing it out as well!!! He has been active as a broadcast
engineer, retiring some time ago. He has never been at a loss
for words, and recently earned a "Bucket Mouth Award" for just
that! Congratulations to one of our favorite people, Bama Rowan,
for earning our coveted "Ham of the Month" award!!!

                         THE WAVELENGTH
Executive Editor: 
Dot Beam K4PPS

Ellijay Amateur Radio Society, Inc.
Jack Bramblett K4IVC
Reed Krenn WW3A
Dot Beam K4PPS

	We have four happy occasions to celebrate this month--
probably more, but without an update---David, KF4AWU on Jan. 11,
James, KR4CG on Jan. 14, Mac, W8MPC, the 18th, and last but not
least is Johnny, KE4IVU, on the 21st. Congratulations, guys--we
truly hope that your days may be long and prosperous and that you
get every piece of ham gear your heart desires!!
Feb. 28 	    Dalton, Ga. 	h
July 18       Cleveland, Tn.
Mar.       Comer, Ga.
Mar.       Tuscaloosa, Al.
Mar. 14 	    Knoxville, Tn.
Mar. 14     Marietta, Ga.
Apr. 4-5 	h    Albertsville, Al.
May  16-1  Hartwell, Ga.
June 19-21  Atlanta, Ga.
AUG. 1        ELLIJAY, GA.
Aug. 15-16    Huntsville, Al.
Sep. 5-6      Shelby, NC.
Sep. 12       Prater's Mill
Sep. 19       Gainesville, Ga.
Oct. 24-25    Chattanooga, Tn.
Nov. -8      Stone Mtn., Ga. 
                        VE Corner       
	As is well documented by now, December is the one month of
the year we don't give exams, due to the fact that we cannot get
our regular site due to a scheduling conflict, so we should have
no news, right??? Wrong!!! Some of the most important news yet,
and it affects all of us! Beginning with the first exam this
year, no exam will be allowed, or renewal forms (610's) be
issued or permitted to be submitted without the applicant
certifying that he/she has read and will comply with the
radiation requirements as set forth in the regulations.What all
of this means, quite frankly, we do not know, because we have
not seen them ourselves. We have been desperately trying to get
a copy or copies of them, but as yet, to no avail. We understand
that the reading matter is some 20 pages long at very best, and
are told that the 610, which was a snap to fill at less than a
half page, is now some four pages long. Norm Harrill, N4NH, our
coordinator, says there is just one major change--the addition
of the certification of RFI standards, but how one question can
generate almost four pages of additional paperwork is beyond
us!!!If you think it is tough for you, think about us!!! We get
to explain (???) to hungry prospective hams about the logic
behind all of this great reasoning!! And, in all probability,
the rates will go up (5-10%) to cover rising expenses, which it
never does! As most of you know, we don't get paid anything for
this. We even absorb some of the costs out-of-pocket, but in
spite of all this, we still feel like we belong to the greatest
fraternity of people in the world, and are more than happy to
give back a portion of what we have been so richly blessed!
Perfect, no---not by any means, but there is no Utopia here!!!
How much better than the next best hobby??? What is the
difference between daylight and dark? What is the difference in
the music ability of a first year--make that a first day piano
student, and say, Floyd Cramer (or you fill in the blank). What
is the difference in a spark gap transmitter and the latest rig
of today?? You get the idea---We have hams for better than forty
years now, and have seen a lot come and go. Fortunately, most of
the bad has gone, and most of the good--well, we're still
learning! We wanted a hobby that would be more than
one-dimensional, where we could meet others in all walks of life,
and would never let us grow too old to enjoy it.  We found that
hobby in spades---ham radio! We could go on--and on, but let me
say this in closing. I personally feel like I am one of the most
fortunate persons alive. I have been born an American, am free
to do almost anything I could possibly want or imagine, am free
to agree or criticize at the dictate of my conscience, have
reasonably good health, and while certainly not rich, I don't
worry about having to go to bed hungry or cold. I can and do
worship according to the desire of my heart, having to give
no explanation to any man, but in the final analysis, knowing
God alone will judge me by Jesus Christ, His Word, and not by
some man-made creed. I am an American, and am proud to be one!!!
Please forgive the lengthiness of this, and if you find fault
with any of what was said, remember you also are an American,
and that is your privilege!!! That about winds it up for this
time---hopefully next month, we will have some more news, and
we won't have to get on our soapbox again!!!3, Hugh (W4HFB) and
Dot (K4PPS)                   
Ellijay Amateur Radio Society, Inc.
C/O David Barlitt
50 Jones Road
Ellijay, Georgia
Phone: 706-273-3559
Fax: 706-635-3559
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