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Volume 2 Issue 12
DECEMBER                                             	   1997
                          OLD BUSINESS: 
	First of all, we wish to thank Sam, WB4FXK, and Stella,  
N8QJR, for what we understand was their very apt filling of
duties last month. Sam took over for James, KR4CG, in his
absence, and Stella took over for me. I personally know
Stella did a great job, because her notes were super!!!We
apologize for the newsletter being late this time, but we had
to go out of town for about 12 days, and a  very  dear  friend
passed away a few days ago. We will try to do better next month.
Seventeen members and visitors were present, and each one
attending introduced themselves and gave their calls. The subject
of liability insurance was brought up again, but in general the  
premiums were thought to be out of line for our needs. It was
agreed that further bids were needed, and the subject was tabled.

                        NEW BUSINESS:
	As we all know, this is the time for our annual nomination
of officers, and this is not an easy task. Wayne, KD4VCE, our
chairman, put forth a slate of nominees consisting of Jack, K4IVC  
for president, Reed, WW3A, as vice president, and yours truly as
secretary-treasurer.The election will be held at the December
meeting. If you have  a nomination  for anyone other than those,
please be there  to  express your wishes. The nominations will be
open to those  attending the meeting. Again,  Thanks to Lee,
KF4OLO, for the box of computer paper. We publish and send out
around 50 newsletter each month,  so  that means about 200
sheets with each month. At that rate, you can see the cost
involved.We understand that Al, W4PBW, gave a great talk and
discussion on technology  of  today, and that a short video on
safety  in  ham radio followed.Jim,  WD4RNP, reported that our
initial field day attempt got us third place in the state and
number 80 in the nation! We personally think that is a great
showing for our first time,  and  Jim encouraged the club to
participate more fully next year. We will end the contest for
new members at the next meeting, and someone is going to get
a nice prize. What  are  your  feelings about  a new contest???
Be thinking about that, because  we  will need to set it
in motion if we want another one.The door prize, a very nice
boom mike donated by Wayne, was won by Jim, WD4RNP. Our
Christmas  meeting will be held at 4:00 P.M. at the Jasper
Family Steakhouse. Directions are simple---from the traffic
light on  515  go to Jasper and straight through the traffic
light on Main  Street, turn left at the next light
(Burnt Mt. Rd.),  cross the railroad tracks, then very shortly
turn right on Cove Rd. The restaurant  will be on the left next
to a new service station  on the corner.   

                        HAM OF THE MONTH
	 Our award this month goes to Al, KE4ILH, of Cartecay. Al
holds a Technician plus license, and is one of our most faithful
members.Al seldom misses either our meeting or our Monday night
net,  and is  always ready to help when called upon. He always
has a  smile and projects a good attitude whether called upon
or not.He is  married to the lovely and gracious Marie and  
they have recently celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.
Al served his country faithfully during World War II in the
infantry in the European theater as a member of Gen. George S.
Patton's celebrated Golden Acorn Division.  We have really been
blessed by knowing and being associated  with Al  for these past
years, and trust our friendship will  continue for many more

                         THE WAVELENGTH
Executive Editor: 
Dot Beam K4PPS

Ellijay Amateur Radio Society, Inc.



	Our best wishes go to Bama, WB4QZK, who will celebrate his
birthday anniversary on the twenty first, and Joe Griffith, who
observes his on the twenty-seventh. We truly hope both of you are
around to celebrate many more!!!

                        VE Corner       
	We wound down our third year of testing three applicants
and one became  a new ham. Congratulations to you, Dwight!! We
hope  your association  with the group that represents ham radio
will  both enrich and be enriched by your association with us.
Tony  Dietrich,  W1TNP, helped us with the  examination for the
first  time and did a great job. We look forward to his service
and assistance in the future.We close out the year with twelve  
examination  sessions  being given. In those sessions, we had
64 applicants with  52  either getting  a  new license,
upgrading, or passing one or  more  elements.Most of all, the
success of this program is due to the unselfishness of our 14
VE's, who have gone to great expense in money  and time to help
make this operation a success.   While these totals may not be
impressive to the groups in the big cities, we personally feel
that this is significant for a town of our size and location.
Again,  thanks  for bearing with us this month---we will do
our best to keep this from happening again.73, Dot, K4PPS
Ellijay Amateur Radio Society, Inc.
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