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EARS will hold the VE Amateur Radio License sessions on the second Saturday morning of every quarter except for October when it will be held on the first Saturday. It will be held at the Waters Building in downtown Ellijay. It is located directly across Dalton Street (Hwy 52 West) from the First Baptist Church and diagonally across that intersection from the Harrison Hall where we have previously held exam sessions. Please plan to be there at 8 am, both VEs and examinees. We will start with the examinees presenting their credentials, filling out their forms and paying their $10 fee.


  All necessary application forms will be provided. The fee is $10.00 for each individual taking the tests, regardless of the number of elements taken. Either cash or check will be accepted. However, if you plan to pay in cash please bring bills in the proper denominations totaling $10.00. Picture identification and the applicants Social Security card or number will be required for licensing purposes. If you are upgrading to a higher class, a copy of your current license and the original are required. The original will be returned but the copy will be used for processing. If you are claiming credit for an element already passed you will need to bring the original and a copy of your CSCE. If you are requesting "grand fathering" to General Class from Technician, proof of licensing as a Technician prior to March 21, 1987 is required. No exceptions will be made to any of the above.

  Walk-ins are welcome at the sessions. But, if possible, those interested in taking an exam at any of the sessions are requested to notify Dave, K4LDI prior to the Friday preceding the date of the exam session. Telephone 706-273-0030 or email, . Prior notification will help us in planning our session. All telephone calls and e-mail messages will be answered promptly.

~SCHEDULE - 2014~

January 11 (ended)
April 12 (ended)- 10:00am
for EARS Hamfest
July 12 (ended)- 10:00am
October 4 - 8:00am
On an as needed bases!
See description above...



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