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All HAM Radio operators of Georgia should be informed that have a present Amateur Radio tag on their vehicle or for those who are contemplating getting one. Warning new and existing tags now cost $35 per year, gone are the days of the Free tag!


Since 2004 is going to be a new plate manufacturing year it is important for you to know that you need to submit the proper form. I have researched this out and provided you a simple way to get your new plate for 2004 made and ready for you at the tag office on your next year renewal, but it is up to you to follow through and do it. First, there is no automatic new plate going to you next year, you must ask for a new plate and you must provide all this information on a state form MV9X before July 31st this year in order to have your new plate ready for pick up next year. How do I get that form you ask? Simple just go to this web site. Also note that the form must uses the Acrobat Reader if file/form is downloaded or Acrobat Reader browser plug-in (best) if viewed online. Browser is best, as most allow you to fill in most of the blanks; so when you print the form your name, address, call, etc. are printed too!

Note: they have just updated and changed this page so some of my instruction may be different!

There is no instruction sheet for the form to print out so you have to follow these instructions. (The MV9X with instructions is available at your local tag office.)

There is no fee, just check the free amateur radio box, fill in you call sign, social security number, and sign and date it.

Copy your present amateur radio FCC license and attach it to your completed MV9X form.

Bring it to your local tag office and tell them what its all about and ask for a receipt and your done (can be mailed also).