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Gilmer Repeaters and Net

The EARS club repeaters: (W4HHH), our 440 went operational Dec. 17. 2006 and the 2 meter early in 2007. Our frequencies are Rx 145.170 Tx 144.570 with a PL tone of 100Hz. Location of repeater is Coosawattee River Resort water tower. In Sept of 2010 we took our analog 440 repeater down and installed a new D-Star 440 repeater operating at 443.9875 MHz (+5.0 MHz). Because the repeaters are not linked the net is only on 2 meters right now.

We will hold a Net most Monday nights at 7:30 PM local on the EARS W4HHH repeater. If something should happen to the primary repeater during a Net   then we will go simplex. This net is combination of a directed (rag chew) Roundtable Net for EARS and usually afterwords a Gilmer County ARES net. Net controllers are rotated monthly. For Volunteer/Draftee controllers click HERE for NET Preamble and NET Close wording. All amateur radio operators are Welcome..

Currently there is no Tuesday night 10 Meter net!

N. GA Area Repeaters

Repeaters & Nets other than ours!

Owner/ID Freq/Notes PL Location/Sponsor
Joe KC4ZGN Ellijay, Gilmer Co. GA

Rx 146.985 ~ Tx 146.385
Rx 442.700 ~ Tx 447.700

77.0 North West Gilmer Co.on Tower Road. @1500 feet Sponsor=none
AP = Open
Dennis KA4VHP Talking Rock, Gilmer Co. GA Rx 443.475 ~ Tx 448.475   off line Sponsor=none
AP = None
Pete N4KHQ Dahlonega, Lumpkin Co. GA Rx 146.835 ~Tx 147.435 100 Far North Eastern Pickens Co. on Bisky Mtn. @3380 feet Primary user=NGARC
AP = Link
James Calhoun, Gordon Co. GA Rx 146.805 ~ Tx 147.405
Rx 443.375 ~ Tx 448.375
100 Far North Eastern Pickens Co. on Mount Oglethorpe. @3300 feet
AP = ?
Roger KC4JNN Alpharetta, GA

Rx 53.050 ~ Tx 52.050
Rx 443.500 ~ Tx 448.500

100 Far North Eastern Pickens Co. on Bisky Mtn. @3380 feet Sponsor=NGAA
N4GIS Rx 147.015 ~ Tx 146.415 100 Sponsor=NGDRT
AP=911 Open/Closed
Pete N4KHQ Dahlonega, Lumpkin Co. GA Rx 443.100 ~ Tx 448.100 100 Suches, GA Black Mtn. @3800 feet
Bert N4BZJ Dalton, GA Rx 147.135 ~ Tx 147.735 100 Dalton GA This repeater covers Cartersville, GA. to Chattanooga, TN.
Ralph N4NEQ Kennesaw, GA Rx 147.165 ~ Tx 147.765 151.4 Morganton, GA Used by the Fannin County ARES and the Ocoee Amateur Radio Club - Owned and sponsored by the BSRG
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