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Volume 4 Issue 1
January 1999

              Are We Approaching A New Millennium? 
        With Year 1999 all most on top of us as I write, we are
approaching a new millennium or are we? Does the new millennium
start January 1st 2000 or does it start January 1st 2001? To find
out we must go back in time.  The Greeks as wise as they where in
math and science forgot to invent the zero.  The Arabs came along
and said we have to call this nothing something so they get
credit for coming up with the zero."For some reason this is
the same number my checking account	likes :-)"  This makes us
take a look at the calendar. 1999 is not the last year of the 20th
century, 2000 is. That’s because there was no year zero. We went
from 1 BC right into 1 AD This makes the  start and the end of
millenniums at 1 to 1000 and 1001 to 2000. The system of AD and BC
was introduced in the 6th century by the monk Dionysius Exiguus
using Christ’s estimated birth as a frame work. We now know from
records discovered that King Herod died in 4 BC, so that puts the
birth of Christ somewhere between 7 BC and 4 BC.
	Anno Domini or AD is a Latin term/phrase with the meaning ;
"in the year of our Lord". BC is the abbreviation
"before Christ". So the new millennium starts in 2001,
but Y2K is 2000. 	Y2K is the computer problem that is a close
kin to no zero between BC & AD. It was an economic decision to
use only two digits to track the year instead of four. They where
not sure that the PC would be around in 2000. It is now costing
millions to undo that decision. Y2K should not be as big a
problem as the media makes it out to be. But some services are
bound to be disrupted. Just like recent event where a satellite
went out and thousands of pagers went out, or how many times
have you been to the bank and they told you the computer was
down. Most large companies want to continue  making money and
will spend almost any amount to make sure they can continue
making money. Most small companies use Windows 95/98, MAC OS7+,
or Linux which are all compliant even on computers that are not
up to date. The only ones that may be left out in the cold are
mid size companies plus some and/or branches of governments.
	Some tips for Y2K; save and get receipts for everything
even if you write a check. Stock certificates should be held
by you not the broker. Hopefully people wont panic and make
things worst. 1929 crash, 1975 gas shortage, and  we're
still here. :-)

             Christmas Party was a Great Success
        On December 12, 1998 we had one of our better meetings.
The Christmas party at the Jasper steak house was a great success
and had a great turn out.  Special thanks go out to Al Rambo
W4PBW for being our lesion between the club and the steak house.
	First off the food was good and there was plenty of it. Then
Hugh W4HFB gave the results of our field day exercise; In state,
#4 down from # 3. In nation, #43 up from #70. Points were up
around 10 %, from 1996 to 2184 in spite of poor band conditions.
Jack Bramblett K4IVC and club president then surprised us by
awarding certificates to honor some of our hard working members.
Dot, K4PPS, got the "Member of the Year" award.  Hugh, W4HFB,
got the "Top Hat Award," for heading up the club effort on field
day 1998. Sam, WB4FXK, Wayne, W4YNE, Jim, WD4RNP and Reed, WW3A,
all got “Workhorse" awards for serving as Net Control Stations on
our local repeater. (Reed was not present so his presentation is
pending.) Then what everybody was waiting for, "after we ate
of course"  the door prizes. Bradley KG4ARB was designated
to draw the tickets from Wayne’s new W4YNE “ lucky hat”. First
prize was 100 ft of RG-8X won by Danny W4RDH. Second prize was
deluxe Ni Cad battery charger won by Dot K4PPS.
     Third prize was an SWR meter won by Danny’s wife Judy. Forth
through tenth prize was a KFC discount coupons won by, Wayne
W4YNE and his wife Barbara, Marsha KG4AHV, Judy (Jim’s WD4RNP
wife), Bradley KG4ARB, Al Rambo W4PBW, Orene (Sam's WB4FXK wife).
	Sam announced club officer nominees and a vote was held.
Reelected for president was Jack Bramblett, for vice-president
was Reed Krenn, & 1st term for secretary/treasurer was David
	Hugh also won the contest for the most members brought into
the club. This was a tie between Jim WD4RNP and Hugh W4HFB and we
drew for the winner. He chose Electric Radio subscription for a
year. With Awards handed out, prizes given, a few stories told
in between, and our tummies full it was time to say good night
and wish each other a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :-)

                        HAM OF THE MONTH
	Ham of the month goes to our newest ham. Bradley N. Johnson
KG4ARB son of Johnny KE4IVU and Pat KE4LLI. Bradley has taken to
Ham Radio like a duck to water. From the minute he received his
call sign he was up on both the Ellijay and the Dahlonega
repeaters. He has also checked in on the Monday night nets.
Almost everyone has commented on how professional and veteran
like his radio traffic is. Bradley lives in the Cartecay area
with his Mom, Dad, & brother Parker. :-)

                         THE WAVELENGTH
Executive Editor: 
David A. Barlitt KF4AWU
Jack Bramblett K4IVC,
Dot Beam K4PPS,
Hugh Beam W4HFB
Ellijay Amateur Radio Society, Inc.
Jack Bramblett K4IVC
Reed Krenn WW3A
David A. Barlitt KF4AWU

                       Club Membership Dues
Dues are Due!  It’s that time of year again. Club Membership Dues
will be collected at the January 4th club meeting. But if you
forget your wallet or can not attend the January meeting then you
can renew your membership by mail. Please be sure your $10 check
or money order is payable to the "Ellijay Amateur Radio Society,
Inc.". If you are renewing by mail please include your
birthday and/or your anniversary so I can add you to the birthday
or anniversary in our newsletter. Please send your check or money
order To:
David Barlitt
50 Jones Road
Ellijay, Georgia 30540

                         HAM of the YEAR
	Ham of the year goes to Dot Beam K4PPS. It is going to be a
real challenge to come anywhere close to her as I take over as
editor of the newsletter and as Treasurer/Secretary. As you can
see I am cheating by using some fancy publishing software to make
me look good. But I have a long way to go when it comes to
providing content inside the newsletter to catch up with Dot. In
addition to the newsletter she was also Secretary/Treasurer where
her bookkeeping and recording of the minutes was outstanding. But
her service did not end there, she also was instrumental in
coordinating our local HAM Fest. We also enjoyed her hospitality
when Hugh and Dot offered their home at various committee
meetings, like field day or By Laws where her cake and pies where
always a big hit. And on top of all that she and her husband are
Volunteer Examiners which are the  back bone of our monthly VE
program. Thanks Dot for a job well done. :-)

        This Month's Birthdays/Anniversaries & Ham Fests
This Month’s Birthdays are:
January 11 – David A. Barlitt KF4AWU
January 18 – Albert E. Harrison  N4CHB
January 21 – Johnny Johnson  KE4IVU
This Month’s Anniversaries  are:
none in database!
If your birthday or anniversary is in January and your not on
the list it is because I have no record of it!                                            
HAM Fests:
Jan 2 Lakeway ARC, Morristown,
Jan 9 Greenwood ARS, Greenwood, SC
Jan 9-10 Ft. Myers ARC, Ft. Myers, FL
Jan 23 U. of W. Fl. ARC, Pensacola, FL
Jan  23 Forsyth ARC, Winston-Salem, NC
Jan 30 Butler/Pike Co RACES, Greenville,
AL Jan 30 DeSoto ARC, Arcadia, FL                

                        VE Corner       
	The Exam date for January was moved from the 2nd to the 9th
do to it being so close to the New Year. We all hope that last
years average of 5 will continue to grow .  With eleven monthly
exams a year we beat out some large cities that only provide
quarterly exams. We have a great VE team with some volunteers
coming form surrounding counties and even North Carolina.
Thanks  VE Team!

A beginners Skywarn class is coming up on January 21 at the
Canton Library. More information should be available at the
January 4 club meeting and the Monday night net. A advanced class
will be held on February 9. A prerequisite for the advanced class
is the beginner course and one years experience.

Ellijay Amateur Radio Society, Inc.
C/O David Barlitt
50 Jones Road
Ellijay, Georgia
Phone: 706-273-3559
Fax: 706-635-3559
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