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The 2006 Field Day site was the Ellijay Saddle Club grounds. We had some concerns about this site due to the power line in the area It turns out the power line noise wasn't bad at all. What was a complaint was the Hotdog stand we where using for a command center was a bit on the small side. Especially when (you guessed it!) it started to rain and everybody had to pile inside. The restrooms where over near the ball field and the crowds from ball games competed with us on occasion. All in all it was another successful FD and we had a great time.

David KF4AWU .
Field Day 2006 Pics
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feeding rope
Making rope ready to feed...
Flip east
Slingshot line east side.
flip west
Slingshot line west side.
Pulling the line through.
Setting up east end of ant.
  antenna west
Setting up west end of ant.
hotdog 1
Operating radio - hotdog stand
hotdog 2
A little tight inside stand.
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